When you are looking for just the right landscaping to enhance the exterior of your home or business, call Dearness Gardens Nursery and Landscaping. We can convert any lawn or garden space into a pleasing and aesthetic masterpiece. We have the skills to beautify the outdoors where you live and work, making the most of what nature has to offer.

Whether you are interested in a simple landscape design with plantings to welcome guests, or a more lasting hardscape design, Dearness Gardens Nursery and Landscaping can make your ideas become reality.

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During the consultation, you’ll meet with the Dearness Gardens Nursery and Landscaping team to explore your ideas, needs and goals. We will learn about your favorite landscape styles and materials so we can get a good understanding of your budget and timeframe. Based on this information, we will then provide suggestions and our own creative input.

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Once we have a good idea of your landscaping goals, it’s time for us to get to work. We will draw up comprehensive, detailed plans that include all aspects that were discussed in the consultation. Our landscape design agreements clearly spell out what you will be getting and what it will cost. Once we have reviewed the initial design with you, revisions can be made as needed.

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One of Dearness Gardens Nursery and Landscaping’s specialties is installing great outdoor spaces. All the landscape we create, from traditional to modern, are created with the same focus on sustainability and quality. We can install water features, pavers and paths, garden structures, sturdy yet beautiful plants and trees, and much more.


We are able to safely and efficiently deliver plants and other gardening and landscaping equipment straight to your door! From indoor potted plants to mulch and fertilizer for your yard, we have you covered. Contact us to learn more about all of our available delivery options.


Dearness Gardens will provide a warranty on 2-gallon or larger trees and shrubs that have been professionally INSTALLED BY DEARNESS GARDENS. Trees and shrubs will be replaced at 50% of their value for one year from the installation date. Plants will be replaced one time only. Labor will be prorated based on the cost of the replacement tree or shrub. We do not warranty any tree or shrub that has not been planted in the ground (plants installed into window boxes, containers, urns, etc.). Annuals and perennials are not covered by the warranty even if we install them. We do not provide a warranty against damage caused by insects, fungi, disease, or acts of nature. Warranty is voided if dyed mulch is used.

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